Frequently Asked Questions

– How many times can I download a product I’ve purchased?

You can download every product 4 times or for a period of 365 days. For premium child themes the only download limit is 365 days.

– Can I get a refund if I find a bug in the product?

Our policy is to not refund, because after the payment you are able to download the product. Instead of that, we offer free support 24×7 to help our customers in order to sort any issue.

– Will I get free updates for all your products?

That depends on the update. Most of our updates are for free, because they involves bug fixes, small improvements or compatibility changes for latest versions of WordPress or WooThemes & AppThemes themes (ClassiPress, JobRoller, Vantage, etc). Sometimes, we develop new important features for our products, in these cases, we charge for these updates. Please note when the main WooThemes & AppThemes theme change important core parts, updating our products involve a lot of time and effort. In this case we also charge a small fee for already customers.

– How long it will take until my plugins or childthemes have been updated to the latest version my theme?

It depends on the scope of the changes we have to do to make our products work with new versions, but usually the process to upgrade all our products is 3-4 weeks. Note that the upgrade process is not trivial and we want to do in the right way (testing, update doc, etc)

– Can I modify the themes?

Yes. After you purchase any of our themes you can edit it anyway you like.

– If I purchase the theme, can I use it for client work?

Yes you can. But if the end client wishes to have direct support for the theme from us, they will be required to purchase that theme.

– If I build a site using one of your themes, can I sell the site?

Yes you can. I hold no restrictions over the sale of full sites created with the theme. You are not allowed however to resell any of the themes