Key User Experience Impacts SEO & Organic Traffic

Key User Experience & SEO

With the rising popularity and importance of search marketing online, Google has become the number one authority in all search-related areas. And if Google has made anything clear after implementing its algorithm update “Google Panda” in 2011, then it is that one of the company’s top priorities has become providing users with the best possible search experience.

This is very important for anyone owning or operating a website, because it directly impacts your content strategy as it relates to search engine optimization (SEO). Google Panda heralded a new era in SEO and organic traffic management when its “crawlers” and “bots” learned how to recognize human (as opposed to robotic) behavior by analyzing meta information revealing how actual (human) users engage with your site.

As a result, the user experience could no longer be an afterthought, because it started to directly impact how Google and other search engines would rank your site; to the contrary, user experience now had to become one of the first and most important factors to consider for anyone interested in building a real audience and successfully establishing a brand online.

Let’s take a look at six user experiences that impact your SEO and organic traffic.