New: Order Filters plugin for WooCommerce

Woocommerce plugins and themes

We’re pleased to announce a new plugin we just developed for the WordPress e-commerce plugin ‘WooCommerce’. As a WooCommerce agency, it’s very important for us to pay attention to our client’s needs and feedback.

Several clients reported the existing limitations in WooCommerce to allow the store admin to filter the existing orders. By default, WooCommerce only allow the admin to filter orders by date or client name. Of course, that’s not enough for order filtering, so with this plugin we’ve implemented a new set of extra filters so the admin can manage more efficiently the orders.

Filters implemented in this plugin:

  • By product: Will filter orders containing specific products
  • By order Status: Will filter orders by the current order status (completed, pending, failed, etc)
  • By country: Using this filter, you can filter the orders by billing country. To make it more efficient, the plugin will show in the filter dropdown only the countries where there are orders.
  • By shipping method: Will allow you to filter by the order shipping method.
  • By product category: You can filter your orders by any product category (only parent categories) meaning that any order containing at least one product included int he selected category will be included.

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